Charles Hester (3)healing-minister-certificate-abigail-1PeaceMinister


Author: Sister Abigail Hester

My mission is to assist you in overcoming your health problems by working on the cause instead of simply treating the symptoms. Health and Wellness is achieved by looking beyond simply the physical but including also the mental, emotional, spiritual, social and enviromental. Abigail Hester was introduced to herbalism in her teens and it has since become her passion. She has become a Certified Biblical Health Coach (The Biblcal Health Institute), Certified Nutritional Consultant (Life Extension Center), Certified Eat God’s Way Consultant (Life Extension Center), Raw Food Chef (Living on Live Foods Chef Certification) and Herb Specialist (Natural Health School). Abigail is the founder of A Better Way and proud distributer of Natures Sunshine Products. Transgender Activist Abigail Hester is a Transgender Activist living legally as a female but pushing the boundaries of politically correct gender expression. She describes herself as beyond gender in many of her writings. She encourages the transgender community to embrace their imperfections and enjoy the process of transition.

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